“Customer Retention is Priceless” – Contemporary Advertising with eCRM Solutions

“Customer Satisfaction is Worthless; Customer Loyalty is Priceless” – Jeffrey Gitomer With technology advancing and the globe going techno-savvy, the quest for a high end personalized client experience is increasing rapidly. This is major because solution providers have realized the potential in understanding what the client exactly wants and thereby, working out on modern-day mechanisms […]

The Battle is ON! The Two Flavors of CRM, Ready Made or Custom Made!

Customer relationships mean the most in a highly competitive world. With the holiday season just behind us, we reflect on how enterprises start cracking the code this holiday season to catch the attention of a new customer base as well as keep the existing ones loyal. Custom CRM solutions blend in into the business logic and […]

Mobile CRM Solutions, Driving the Festive Sales!

The festive season challenges enterprises to engage the customer with more efficiency. For Mobile CRM Solutions cracking the code for both customers & enterprises is no mean feat! Skyrocketing Holiday Sales with Enterprise CRM Software No One Adorable Than You – Woo your Clients this Valentine’s Day with Mobile CRM CRM all Through the Festivities! It […]

CRM Software Solutions This Holiday Season! Cracking the Code for Customers & Enterprises

Winters bring festivities all across the world. The long black nights in the countries on the higher latitudes or the colder nights in tropical countries like us, all celebrate. With winter already set in and both Diwali & Halloween behind us, leaves us with looking forward to Christmas& the New Year! But wait, it never […]

Top 7 Reasons CRM Software Solutions are Unable to fulfil their Objectives

Years of research have consistently shown that CRM software solutionsfail between 30% and 60% of the time. And failure rates have not been improving. Once upon a time, Customer Relationship Management system was assumed to be the window to the future and the best way to retain your customer loyalty and garner best of profits […]